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Registration For 2020/21

The Marcel Pagnol French School Abuja which is approved by the French Ministry of National Education and affiliated with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) admits children from 2 (age reached as at the time of registration) to 15 years of all nationalities.

From kindergarten, language learning is part of the education provided. The school follows the programs of the French Ministry of National Education from kindergarten to grade 10 (CNED).

Students from the French system are enrolled in the class recommended by their previous institution (Assessment booklet or report card with notice of passage). For foreign students or those coming from a foreign school system, a review of the situation may be done by management to determine the level of the student. Students are enrolled in classes according to their age.

There are no language requirements until the age of 4. Beyond that, students will be subject to a level test.

Registration and Re-enrollment at the Marcel Pagnol French school Abuja is via the portal Eduka . Click on the link to register: The Eduka Portal of EFMPA

To learn more about the procedure, click on this link:   Eduka Tutorial

To learn more about the procedure, click on this link: Eduka Tutorial Re- enrollment

The registration becomes final only after payment of registration fees of 2500 € per child and validation of the file by the school management. Registration fees will not be refunded in case the child does not show up.

Information and visits
If you have any questions regarding a request to visit our establishment or if you have problems making your entry online, visit the school administration, call 08033154741.