Our History

Our History

The Marcel Pagnol French School, Abuja was created in 1998. It is approved by the French Ministry of National Education and is affiliated with the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad).

Originally, the school was located in the Life Camp BNL, west of the city.

The old school has been replaced by a new structure. Work began in September 2009 and our new facility opened in April 2010. It is located just after Prince and Princess Estate, south of the city. It admits children from kindergarten (from 2 years) to the 10th grade (15 years).

The Marcel Pagnol French School Abuja is part of the 494 French schools established in the world and which is affiliated with the AEFE (the Agency for French Education Abroad), a public institution forming part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The school is equipped with the necessary facilities for teaching subjects in accordance with the curriculum of the French Ministry of National Education.

These facilities have been put in place to promote the learning and well-being of your children.