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The Swimming Pool

The school has a swimming pool. The official purpose of the swimming learning programs is to teach students (from kindergarten to high school) to swim and ensure their safety in aquatic environments.

  • The goals to be achieved are different depending on the age and level of the students.
  • Familiarization of the student with the aquatic environment
  • Help him develop his skills through fun activities,
  • Change the balance conditioned by the placement of the head,
  • Controlling emotions in the water,
  • Promote the child’s integration in the context of sport or leisure activity,
  • Develop self-confidence (overcome your fear of water),
  • Know how to move longer distances,
  • Dealing with some dangerous situations and rescuing yourself without putting yourself in danger.

To practice school swimming, the student must be equipped with a proper swimsuit, swimming goggles and swimming cap, a bath towel, spare underwear and dry clothing for the exit of the pool.