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Middle School

In the continuity of primary school, the mastery of the French language in all disciplines also remains one of the objectives of the college. Teaching contributes to the acquisition of the common foundation of knowledge, skills and culture.

The school takes into account the plurality and diversity of skills of each student. In addition to reasoning and intellectual reflection, the meaning of observation, the taste for experimentation, sensitivity, motor skills and creative imagination are developed.

6th Grade
The 6th grade is the last year of Cycle 3 and the first level of middle school education. This is the adaptation cycle. This class aims to introduce students to the disciplines and methods of secondary education.
In grade 6 , students begin studying a second foreign language , Spanish .

7th Grade
After the introduction to the middle school which takes place in the 6th grade, students enter the fundamental learning of high school. So this step allows students to deepen and broaden their knowledge and skills.

8th Grade
In the 8th grade, students undertake the study of a second foreign language.
In addition to the compulsory joint training they receive, students can also choose optional subjects that enrich their studies.

9th grade
This cycle provides students with access to the general, technological or vocational subjects that are done in the college.
At the end of the third year, students take their first national exam: The Brevet Examination. See exam page for more information