The National Centre for Distance Education (CNED) is an official (public) establishment of the Ministry of Education that provides education in accordance with French curriculum.

Our high school students are enrolled collectively in a full and regulated class, with teaching assistants who provide the necessary support to meet the CNED's homework requirements.
The class council is held by the CNED teachers who decide on a child’s progress to the higher classes.

The Functioning of the CNED at the EFMPA
Registration at the CNED is open in June because the registration procedure takes at least 5 weeks. The authorization of the “valise diplomatique” as well as the schooling notice of the Cultural Counsellor of the embassy are also compulsory.

After obtaining the authorization of the French “valise diplomatic”, the registration of the student is finalized at the CNED in Rennes.

Registration fees for the year 2019 - 2020
122 euros for the diplomatic bag
995 euros for courses: digital version + paper version
33 euros for stamps
Total - 1150 euros

After registration, students have access to their personal portal:

They can download the courses + teaching aids, have interaction with their CNED tutors in each subject.

Homework: Students receive lessons in all subjects, audio supports in languages and sometimes DVDs in sciences. Homework is done and corrected by teachers from the French National Education system.

Writing and Sending of Lessons
The contents are in accordance with the French National Education curriculum. They are checked by general inspectors. Courses are often of a high standard to ensure the best success of a student.

Organization of the courses
Students have a weekly schedule. Classes are divided over the school year (from 3 to 12 sequences) and each sequence is divided into several sessions. At the end of each session, the students do homework that will be corrected by the CNED tutors. Our teachers check the homework before submitting it. In order to have a good academic grade, the student must send at least 4 homework assignments per week.

Our teachers follow the CNED program and chronology of courses. Vie Scolaire establishes a assignment schedule for each student.